A Little Work and A Little Play

For one of my on-campus jobs, I attend cultural events and take attendance for the Registrar’s Office. I do so because students who want to get cultural events credit must sign in before attending certain events on campus. The best part about this job? I get paid to attend things that I would typically go to anyway. Last night was one of these very instances.

Last night was one of the showings of the play, “Cryptos.” This particular play happens to be written by a Hanover College student, (one of my fellow English majors and an all around good guy) James Wylder. So regardless of my work schedule, I would have made it out one day or another to support Jim.

Before attending, I had heard good things about the play, but it was not what I expected. It had all the elements of a great storyline. Mystery, humour, a strange village and multiple references to the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot were all in place.

The play had moments that made me so scared that I thought I might not sleep a wink, and others that made me laugh so much I forgot the scary portions. I loved the character Wendy, I found her to be a great female character, and her job as a Cryptozoology intern just made her even more awesome in my eyes.

Overall, the play was very interesting and I think it is amazing that Jim got the chance to write a play and see it come to life in Parker Auditorium before his graduation.

It is also always nice to see my peers acting on the stage. To see these actors everyday in class and then see them change into these characters on the stage is amazing. All of them are very good at what they do and as many of them are theater majors, they get lots of onstage practice before they leave Hanover and try out for bigger roles.

I love watching all of the plays and skits put on in Parker, and I am glad that as part of our enrollment at Hanover students get to attend the shows for free. This way I get to be a supporter of the arts but I don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to do something I enjoy.

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