Staying Sane

With the semester winding down fast, there is only so much of your weekend you can dedicate to homework before you lose it. This can be bad for your friends, roommates, professors and yourself. You might actually begin pulling your hair out, praying to the gods of osmosis, whatever it takes to get everything done and on time. Regardless, I found it’s key to taking that me time whenever you can. Case in point? This weekend.

My roommates and I decided to make a group effort and do nothing but homework all of Friday and Saturday and leave Sunday as an all-day play day. For the most part it happened; even though we all ended up spending some of Sunday working on little projects here and there, we filled the rest of the day with adventures! These adventures are ones that many of us here at Hanover enjoy on the weekends, so I will share them with you!

Our day began with none other than brunch with some other friends in the Campus Center, which is a pretty big deal. The CC has a made to order omelet bar on the weekends (unfortunately, this time, my omelet was too burnt for me to enjoy) and this weekend was great because they had bacon! Which is almost always a plus for the meat-eaters on campus!

After this we made our way into Hanover to check out the two Redbox locations and their selections. We also picked up some Polar Pops (69 cents of well worth it soda in a HUGE Styrofoam cup!) while we were in town. Since Redbox only had one of the movies we were looking for, we also made a trek into Madison to stop at the local movie store.

Lounged around our common room watching movies all day. Who knew that “Cars 2” and “X-Men: First Class would be just the ticket to de-stressing our lives?

Making a little time for our girly sides, we set up a manicure bar on one of our common room tables. Everyone in my suite now has a fresh manicure to get them through the upcoming crazy week!

While we chose to dedicate our weekend to our studies and keeping our sanity, we did miss out on some pretty large campus events, including Lambda’s Heaven and Hell party that took place on Saturday. I’m not a fan of going to parties, however, it is always fun to see what outfits and hairstyles my friends work up to go out.

Now for a fast paced week, it’s definitely going to be one that includes a lot of running about the campus! I should definitely have enough material for several blogs, so be on the lookout!

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