Holiday Mail For Heroes

Students stopped by the Crowe Lobby to fill out their cards for their heroes.

As the semester is coming to a close, it seems even though I am swamped with homework, I am being even more rushed by events. You would think that with projects due, exams less than a week away and break just so close, the campus would be dead. Dead as in everyone in their rooms with their noses in a book. While that may be, a good cause sure does bring the students of Hanover running.

The Crowe, Coulter and Wiley Hall Council hosted a great event tonight. Holiday Mail for Heroes took place in the Crowe Lobby and had quite the turnout! This program, which is sponsored/announced by the Red Cross, sends Christmas cards to soldiers who are not able to spend the holidays with their families.

All we had to do was provide cards and my peers came to thank the soldiers and wish them a happy holiday season. Many students chose to fill out up to five cards each, just to help spread the cheer.

Altogether more than fifty cards were filled out in just a few hours. It was definitely one of the better events we have hosted this year, simply because of the great joy we all got from knowing we were really doing something special. From Hanover, our cards will travel to the Red Cross where they will be redistributed and sent overseas and to various bases. Hopefully everyone who receives one of our cards feels like they are really making a difference and is a hero.

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