Shaking Things Up

Well, writing this blog is the second to last thing I have to do before I am home free. The second is attending my 8 a.m. psychology class tomorrow morning. Then, as my car is all packed and gassed up, I will hit the road right from my class and should make it home to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family by noon!

I must say, this break is definitely bittersweet. I thought I was oh so ready for a break from attending classes, taking notes, writing papers, but I think I was wrong. Thanksgiving break is just a short one, then it’s back for two, over the top/crazy, insane, busy, weeks. Papers all over the place, exams to study for, research projects due. AHHHHH! The worst part? After those exams, my junior year is officially half way over.

Let’s stop talking about all that academic nonsense and get down to one of my favorite topics – food! So tonight was the annual Thanksgiving dinner on campus, a night where it seems like everyone and their mother piles into the Campus Center to grab a piece of turkey and some pie. I have to admit, the food was pretty good, and it was nice to have everyone together before we all leave for the week. Stories were told, pie was eaten, and I made a fool of myself while eating my corn-on-the-cob (I literally had corn/butter all over my face and lap).

After dinner, it was time to have some last minute fun with one of my roommates. We frolicked to the Science Center where the American Chemical Society hosted an ice-cream making event. We got our mixture of milk, sugar and vanilla and shook things up! The end result was a yummy frozen treat in a plastic bag, and super cold hands! I am including a link to the recipe so everyone can try this at home (it’s safe, I promise!).

I’m out! The next blog will be coming to you from home!

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