Double the Dead Week …

… Does not equal double the fun. As I get back to Hanover, I realize that I will be back home in a mere two weeks. What we call “Dead Week” is one of them.

Dead Week is the week before exam week in which every big project known to man and woman is due. Papers, presentations, lab reports — all due in a matter of days. Lucky for me, I only have one exam scheduled for finals week and it is on Monday. So after I finish that exam I am home free until January.

However, unluckily this week, I have two papers due, an interview for CAB, a movie event to host in the SAC, a movie event at the Shoebox for Hall Council, a Holiday Cards for Heroes event for Hall Council, attendance to take at an upcoming play, and everyday homework and studying to cram in there somewhere. Oh, and I have to finish my 30 hours for teacher observations this week, and do a mock teaching that my professor needs to sit in on. So I head back to school and right into part one of my dead weeks.

Part two is also going to be tough. The week before my break starts I have three exams, two papers and one presentation to give. Finding time to study for all of these exams and write papers that are “A” material is going to be tricky. The presentation shouldn’t be too bad, I will just need to watch my time and not go over the time my professor will give me. I see myself spending a lot of time in the library and hunched over my desk rapidly typing in my near future. My study breaks will likely be taken up by showering, eating and finding some sleep time.

While it seems like I have a lot to do, I plan on hitting the ground running, not taking breaks to hang out with friends and just really working hard. I won’t catch a break until it’s all complete at roughly 5 p.m. on the Monday of finals break when I turn in my psychology exam. From there it’s a matter of packing up my car again and driving the three hours home to enjoy a much needed month of couch, friend and family time. I can’t wait, let the countdown (and the two weeks of no fun) begin!

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