Becoming a Businessman of the World

During my college search in high school when someone suggested  that I should apply to a liberal arts college, I was very skeptical. Was it a college where people just majored in artsy subjects such as philosophy, art and English? When I found out that Hanover College had computer science as a major, and the financial aid was the best out of all the options I had, I jumped in without any major doubts.

I started out with the goal of just majoring in computer science, but realized that the opportunity to take classes outside the scope of my major was too attractive to pass up. I ventured into taking a few English classes, some math classes and even philosophy. These ventures helped to open my mind toward more diverse issues and improve my thought process in my academic work.

My biggest revelation was when I decided to take a step further and become a Business Scholar through the Center for Business Preparation.  As a Business Scholar, I learned and applied a lot of business concepts in projects and class assignments that transferred to my internship this past summer.

This program has enabled me to change my prior career goal of becoming just a plain computer programmer to becoming a systems analyst. The incorporation of business concepts from this program, coupled with the other liberal art classes I took, enabled me to learn how I could incorporate all these skills to forge a career path that lines up with my academic goals.

Presently, I am applying to graduate school to pursue a master of science degree in information systems (MSIS). As demonstrated in the diagram above,  it’s an incorporation of business and technology ideas for the curriculum of this program. This is a great example of how the skills I have garnered in my four years at Hanover College could be transferred into this program to enable me to be successful.

Hopefully all the hard work I put it for the next few years will lead me to become a systems analyst at a prestigious company.

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