Catching and Making The Dream

I worked for quite awhile on my dreamcatcher! It looks pretty great hanging in my room!

Even though I’m only a junior, I am definitely working hard to make my senior year go as smooth as possible. So that means scheduling meetings with professors to discuss independent study (IS) ideas, going on Grad School tours and studying for the GRE.

I’m dreaming pretty big, I want to be a professor of medieval literature one day and the road there isn’t exactly paved for me. I currently have a research assistant position with my advisor to really get my name out there and add to my résumé for graduate school. I am hoping, with a great IS, a near perfect 4.0 in my major and amazing recommendation letters from the medievalists in the department, I will make all my dreams become reality.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your life after Hanover. Take a year abroad then work/grad school? Go straight to grad school? Get a job? There are so many options, and it’s always great to plan accordingly as soon as you know what you want out of life. I am, and always have been, someone who firmly believes if you want something badly enough, you should work as hard as you possibly can to make it happen.

Speaking of dreams, for Native American Month, many different events have taken place on campus. There was a movie night with Native American food, and tonight there was a dreamcatcher making session. I wasn’t expecting to see a crowd at the event, but Lynn Gym was packed! As a matter of fact, my roommates and I got the last materials to make dreamcatchers. While it wasn’t as easy as it looked, getting to learn a new skill and get a sweet dreamcatcher to hang above my bed was a good deal!

This is just one of many events happening between now and Thanksgiving/Christmas breaks. That means many photos and lots of news on how everything pans out. With finals and projects looming in the near distance, it’s going to be interesting to say the least.

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