Madison Adventures

Friday Night was Comedy Night at the Student Activity Center, and as a member of the SAC committee, I was  definitely in attendance. I didn’t end up staying for very long, though, since some of the students comics that were on before EPZ had some pretty offense material. But the free coffee was definitely a perk and some of the comics definitely were funny, just not my style. After leaving the Comedy Night, I went back to my suite and spent the rest of my evening cleaning my room.

With the semester winding down, things are really getting crazy homework- and presentation-wise. However, sometimes you have to make time for visitors from home. Most of the time, I don’t have visitors, but when they do show up, I thoroughly enjoy them! This weekend I had an entire family of visitors from back home and we had a lot of fun. My Saturday was filled to the brim with adventures.

We started the day with a tour of campus and a long walk, which was perfect. The Science Center was a hit with everyone, what with the dinosaur eggs, fossils, arrowheads and tons of other awesome finds. After the Science Center, we covered the library, Classic Hall and Crowe Hall. My friends were definitely impressed with Hanover.

After we finished the grand tour, it was time to find some lunch. What better place to go for a yummy lunch than The Red Pepper in Madison, Ind.?! I adore Red Pepper’s Italian sandwich and am always up for a trip there, so to have vistors from out of town gave me the perfect excuse.

We wandered up and down the streets of downtown Madison, window shopping and actual shopping wherever we went. There are some pretty awesome little unique shops lining the street, and I would have never have been inside them otherwise. Now I am planning another trip to do some more shop/browsing this next weekend.

My friends and I also went on a horse-drawn tour of lower Madison. It was awesome getting to hear some of the impressive historical markers around Madison from our guide. After the tour, we burned a few hours between Wal-Mart and checking into their hotel. Then it was up to me to provide a Madison hotspot for dinner.

Harry’s Stone Grill is amazing. After many a meals at the Campus Center I was ready for something other than my main staple, chicken, and man did I get it. For only ten-dollars I scored a delicious steak dinner and my friends were impressed by my choice in restaurant. Not too pricey and the food was good!

After dinner, our night together ended and for the most part so did my weekend. It was back to the books right after they left Sunday morning and back to the mad dash that is the race to Thanksgiving Break.

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