Review the Present…Adjust Your Future

One of the most important parts of senior year is making the decision whether or not to attend graduate school, which I have chosen to do. Deciding the next course to take has been a major sticking point since the beginning of the summer. Do I continue with my computer science major or switch up to something else as my liberal arts education as opened up my perspective to different aspects that have adjusted my future interests? Or do I try to get a job that lines up with my interests?

Ah, too many options too little time.

If I decide to apply for graduate school, I am required to write up a personal statement and what my intentions are concerning graduate study. Also, I would be required to give an evaluation of my undergraduate years and the goals I want to set and follow through with in the future after my formal education. I have to convince the schools I apply to that I would be a welcome addition to their prestigious programs.

Thinking back to my freshman year, it is evident that so much has changed both academically and personally. The goals I had set for myself took a large tangent after my freshman year and I am happy it happened. Initially, I wanted to be just a computer science major, which would eventually lead me to be a computer programmer or the like.

After my freshman year I became more open to adding a few more classes to help broaden my educational scope as was encouraged at Hanover College. I was interested in learning about business and decided to apply to the Business Scholars Program. The classes that I took changed my perspective of what my future vocation prospects could be.

Now as my time at Hanover grinds down to a grandstand finish, my future career path has changed again. I have made the decision to become an IT/business analyst where I would gladly use my people skills to serve as a liaison between the  respective parties and be involved in the planning and implementation process.

My story of change from my freshman year was due in part to opening myself to become a resident assistant, a student ambassador, a member of the Business Scholar’s Program Student Advisory Board and also partaking in the planning committees of various organization around campus. Opening yourself to various opportunities on campus will help shape your future goals. You’ll never know until you try.

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