Hanover Haunts

What else do you do with cardboard boxes? Make a fort!

With the week drawing to a close, Halloween weekend is heating up. I was supposed to be heating up with it, but something came up so now I will spend Halloween weekend at home.

Tonight was supposed to be the night of Crowe, Coulter and Wiley’s Haunted Trail, but the rain got the best of us. While the rain stopped around 1 p.m., there was no way for us to know that it had stopped for good, and we couldn’t risk setting up technical equipment out in the rain.

Not to mention when we did a run-through of the trail before calling it off, the trails, which are currently covered in leaves, were slippery. We decided it wasn’t worth risking and went forward with our alternative plan. Haunted Movie Night in the SAC!

The SAC (Student Activity Center) is located in the Brown Campus Center and is a place students can go with their friends to just hang out. It is fully stocked with pool tables, ping-pong tables, three televisions, a PS3, a Wii, you name it, it’s there!

So, after frantically changing all the invites to the trail, we made our way to WalMart to buy lots of snacks to keep people interested in attending our event. Halloween cupcakes, (regular and mini; chocolate and confetti) apple cider, candy-corn and pumpkin-face cookies were the provisions and the kids came out! For a last minute change of plan we had a pretty good turn-out, even better than we expected! It seems a good movie, friends and a movie is the formula for a great study break! We are so happy so many students showed up, and we hope to do another campus-wide event soon.

But unfortunately, the rain today didn’t mean the planning stopped. If anything we were in over-planning mode. We already had everything set for the trail, so to have to make a last minute decision (or a decision in enough time that people actually know about it) is harder than you might think. Not to mention all the cardboard boxes piled in my hallway that were going to be made into Haunted Trail props. Luckily, my roommates and I found a good use for the boxes!

I am bummed about missing the Halloween fun this weekend, but I am sure my fellow bloggers will cover the festivities, and there will be plenty of costume photos for all to enjoy!

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