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Since I haven’t updated anything for a while, I feel like the need to write another post. So here it is.

I really enjoy traveling by myself, without a map, without a set destination. Just wander around and discover what the world has to offer. It may sound dangerous, but it’s actually not that bad in a city since there are Metro stations everywhere. Also, traveling alone gives me more chances to meet and talk to people from different backgrounds. My Korean friends are teaching me how to do Kae Kwon Do so that I can protect myself when traveling alone, so don’t worry, I will be safe.

Today, I went to the Old Town Alexandria in Virginia, which is a harmonious blend of colonial charm and some of the most dynamic activities.

After staying in D.C. for so long, I really felt the need to get away for a while. Not because the pace here is too fast, but I just think everything in D.C. is involved with politics, and I need some fresh air.

Old House at Alexandria

It turns out  Old Town Alexandria is the perfect place for a short getaway! I can walk along the river bank of the Potomac River and listen to the sound of the river, look at precious and cute antiques in a variety of stores, and also experience the combination of the ancient and the modern, the local and the global. Actually, it is just like a large version of downtown Madison, Ind., and it’s a wonderful place to find one’s own peace and harmony.

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