Halfway Gone

Me and my roommates, all dressed up to attend events on campus!

If you can begin to fathom it — Mid-terms are now. Yes, the year literally just started and here we are at the half-way mark. I leave tomorrow to begin my Fall Break in Philadelphia, Washington and maybe even Baltimore. Why all the Eastern Seaboard hopping?

I may only be a junior but grad school is sneaking up quick and I need to be prepared. With upcoming GREs and applications, I can’t help but feel like I was just doing all of this yesterday. Good thing when things get extra stressful I can shoot on over to the Career Center  and hope they take care of all my next step questions.

Oh well, hopefully the schools I visit on the East Coast greet me with open arms and make me feel even better about my decision to continue my education and one day become a Professor of Medieval Literature.

Along with this lovely all expenses paid (by me) trip East, I also have mid-terms! One tomorrow right before I leave and one right when I return will be the extent of my testing this time around. I really lucked out. However that means I have to crack down and hit the books starting now!

Thank goodness I had time this weekend to have some tye-dye and photo fun! Talk about stress busters!

My newest masterpiece right after it was finished.

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