More adventures in D.C.

So many things to catch up on because so many things happened during the past couple of weeks! I guess I will just post some pictures about my adventures here then.

At the National Zoo

I went to the National Zoo with some of the friends that I made here in Washington, D.C. And the most exciting thing here is that there are two pandas in the zoo!

 I also went to a cupcake festival. Since the most famous food in D.C. is the cupcake, the ones in the competition were so legit! And after the competition, I got so many leftovers to take back and share with my roomies.

Look at how many FREE cupcakes I got!
I also got the chance to taste some authentic Korean food, since I have made so many Korean friends here. They took me a place called Mandu, which means dumplings in Korean. But that place serves much more than just dumplings. My Korean friends helped me order some very traditional Korean food, and they all laughed at me while I was eating, because they felt like I ate totally like a foreigner.

Mandu - Korean dumplings. They taste totally different from Chinese ones

And then, trip to the Capitol Hill. D.C. is really pretty these days, as the weather is finally clearing up.

At Capitol Hill

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