Takin’ it to the streets

A few weeks ago, we said goodbye to our graduating seniors. It was a wonderful, but sad day. After being with them for four years, it was hard to see them leave.

But then I turned my attention to the new class coming in and now I am eager to see what these students will bring to the campus. My hope is for every student to leave their mark here and to have some extraordinary experiences.

Let me tell you about a current Hanover student whose college education is continuing this summer.

During Hanover’s Spring Term, every student takes just one class. Many of these classes are off-campus traveling to some wonderful places around the world. Those students who remain have the luxury of focusing on only one subject and taking full advantage of that course.

This past May our art department offered a large-scale painting class. In it, the students decided to paint a mural in the Student Activities Center. They researched options and came up with three different designs. Then, the entire campus voted for their favorite, and the outcome was amazing. I hope you’ll stop by and see it when you are on campus.

I asked the instructor if any of the students would be interested in painting the wall of a building that I wanted to beatify in the town of Hanover. Since it is next to the College’s entrance, we care about how it looks. Sophomore Ron Kitcher-Pentey stepped forward to take on this commission.

You can see below what the building looks like now as well as Ron’s design. I had asked him to make it look like a miniature Georgian brick building, since most of the College’s architecture is in this style. My hope is that doing so will help point the way to our campus.

Once I received permission from the owner of the building we were off and running. So, this summer Ron will be put his education to work on a real building and make a commission as a large-scale painter!

Ron tells me he has painted all his life. He literally jumped with joy when I told him the project was a go. Just wait ’til you see it in person!

That’s just one example of how to take your education from the classroom to the streets.

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