The End of the First Chapter

As we hit the end of my first year at Hanover, I’ve started to look back at my experiences that I have had so far.
ADPi Formal!

When I first came here I was so ready for college, so ready to be here, until I got here, when the nervousness settled in. My parents left soon after, but my best friend stayed until about 5 p.m. that day. When she walked away I started crying, since I knew that this was the beginning of a journey we wouldn’t get to take together; a journey that was mine, not my parents or my siblings or my friends from home.

This was strange to think about. It was strange to realize all of the firsts that were about to happen: the first night I was alone without a parent, my first college friends, the first college classes, the first college semester, the first college formal, the first time going into a Greek house, the first time talking to the college’s president, the first time calling Hanover “home,” the first time having meals with friends for every meal (including breakfast, which we called the breakfast crew), the first time dinner became story time, the first time realizing you don’t want to leave your best friends for the summer, my first college honors and so many others.

Powder Puff!

I adapted well to my surroundings soon after the first day, had friends, joined the dance team, etc. But so many things happened that I never imagined. For instance, I told myself I wouldn’t join the dance team, that I was done dancing on a team after my senior year of high school, but it was such a great decision to join the team.

I love being on Hanover’s Dance Team and I really like those girls. Then I joined a sorority, which I always said I would never do. That was probably the best decision I have ever made, because those girls are my family and I know that. Now I have made not just best friends, but my family. We support each other, care about one another, and will be friends for life.

Even though some are leaving and moving on to their next chapter, it isn’t where our stories end. This is an important thing to note as you move onto college: you are just starting a new chapter, one that will continue to get better. Your story didn’t end just because you are just in a new chapter; you will still have those friends from back home, so don’t worry about that.

The Gala with friends

And as I sit here looking at all of my packed bags, getting ready to go home, I realize that so much has changed this year, and now I feel like I am not ready to leave my Hanover family just yet. At least it’ll be three months where we will all keep in touch and we will have so many stories to tell during dinner when we get back just like always!

As this chapter ends and I move on to being a sophomore instead of a freshman, I will leave with great stories and amazing friendships. And I cannot wait for next year.

You have so many amazing journeys ahead of you, so don’t worry because it will be OK. Freshman year will be amazing and full of so many firsts and so many stories and you will fit in perfectly. Even better you aren’t seen as just a freshman here, you are a student and a peer, so don’t fret because we are friendly.

The Run

Enjoy the last few days or weeks of your senior year. And just remember to take a deep breath because it only gets better from here.

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