Learning and Teaching – All in One Day

The front of our Crowe Hall t-shirts.

For my spring term education class instead of doing regular observations in a classroom setting, my professor has made other arrangements for us to get out in the field. One of my previous posts was about one of my observation experiences at the Scottsburg (Ind.) New Tech Academy.

Now that the semester is coming to a close, I have completed all of my observation experiences for Education 221. The past two weeks I have worked as a session teacher for fieldtrips for the Rivers Institute.

The River’s Institute is a great program at Hanover that reaches out not only to the campus community but also to local school districts. They host a summer camp for children where students can apply for work. Throughout the year there are countless opportunities for students to volunteer a few hours a week to teach children visiting on field trips about various water and earth related subjects.

Of the two field trips I was a part of this month, my favorite group of students were the first graders from a local Madison school. They were so excited to hike on Hanover’s nature traisl, make bird nests and be a part of the other activities that were a part of their field trip about habitats.

I am glad that my professor decided to reach out to the Rivers Institute in order to get us our observation hours. Instead of sitting in a classroom setting observing the actions of a teacher, we were actually teaching students ourselves and gaining insight into the teaching field.

Keeping with the themes of Snickers and Crowe; salty and suite style living.

With just a few short days left in the semester, things are flying by. Crowe Hall just wrapped up the year by getting our 2010-2011 resident shirts. Now if those students abroad would return, graduation activities could begin and the campus can end everything as we started it this year — together.

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