Grand Finale

All my stuff ready to make the long trek home!

Well, after a nearly five hour final exam today, the time that I dread has arrived. It is time to move out and say goodbye to all my new Hanover friends.

Before my second to last class started today, I managed to pack my remaining belongings up and get everything ready for my early departure tomorrow morning.

Saying goodbye is sad, but it is only for a summer; then come fall we will all be back together in our Hanover community. As I sit writing this blog, I have already planned out how I will spend the final evening of my sophomore year. Dinner at the Campus Center with my “family,” a walk with my suite-mate, packing up my car, watching a movie and waiting for my best friend to return from her semester long trip to Ireland.

In the morning I will grab some breakfast, throw my bedding into my car and hop, skip and jump to my last class of the year. After that it will hopefully be smooth sailing (or driving) all the way back to Illinois.

A summer full of working and traveling will meet me as soon as I return home. Or I guess my two eager cats will probably meet me, waiting for attention, and my mom will tell me to hurry and unpack all my stuff so it doesn’t take up her living room space.

Thanks for the great year and for being my home away from home, Hanover. I will see you very soon!

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