“Let’s Play Ball”

Lambda’s philanthropy event every year is wiffleball! This is an on going event throughout spring term!! And it is so much fun! Not only all of that, it’s a Hanover College Tradition!

Lambda's Better Half

So pretty much wiffleball is like baseball but with a plastic ball and plastic bats. The Lambdas are umpires and students come together to make teams.

This is an event that people love during spring term because its so exciting, its for a good cause, its something to do everyday, and this is something that a ton of students come together to be a part of.

Dr. DeWine is even a part of the opening ceremony! So really the school comes together to enjoy the games of wiffleball!

This year I am on a team called Lambda’s Better Half; the Lambda girlfriend team. And oh what fun is this! Tonight we won our game against Theta Nation 2!

It’s a lot of fun to be able to be a part of a wiffleball team, even if you don’t take it seriously and have team practices or the like (’cause hey it’s just for fun for a good cause!)!

Well I hope you are enjoying your spring and maybe enjoying something that your school does every year too! So keep up the good work and I hope to see you playing some wiffleball next year!!

Playing Wiffleball!

And remember take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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