Life After Break

After taking a break from campus and blogging, I am back (and hopefully better than ever). I had a lot of things happening all at once during the last few weeks of Winter Term and none of them were happy, cheerful or blog worthy. But now that I have returned to campus, everything is alive and hopping (literally, if you have seen the rabbits).

Just this weekend alone there are two parties on campus to choose from, or you can attend both as one is Friday and the other will be Saturday. Friday’s party will be hosted by the boys of Sigma Chi, while the Rave on Saturday is being hosted by the Student Activity Center (SAC) Committee. As a member of the SAC Committee, I am ensuring a good time to all those who attend. The DJ we hired has even opened for Lady Gaga!

While Spring Term may seem like all fun and games, we are still hitting the books. My Spring Term course is one of the requirements given to me by the Education Department. Since I want to be certified to teach English at the high school level, I have to complete a certain number of courses. Just today my class took a trip to Scottsburg, Ind., to job shadow a teacher assigned to us.

I was one of the ones lucky enough to get to spend the day in Scottsburg’s New Tech Academy. Imagine classrooms with absolutely no textbooks or paper and that is just the beginning of the New Tech Academy. Add in specialized classes like BioLit (a biology and literature classroom combination) and you are able to imagine the amazing opportunities these lucky high schoolers are a part of. I am definitely going to recommend a trip to New Tech be in order for all those planning on being an educator.

Me with all the Vera that was purchased during the trip (please note this is not all mine, most of it came from my roommates).

I did do one really amazing thing before I left campus for Spring Break. I was lucky enough to go to the Vera Bradley outlet sale in Northern Indiana. For a Vera fanatic like myself, I was in heaven for the few hours I was a part of the sale. It was a great experience filled with amazing deals on all things Vera (seriously who knew they had yoga mats!?).

As someone who already had a lot of Vera Bradley pieces, I didn’t go crazy at the sale. A few pieces for myself and some for friends and family didn’t break my bank at all. I can’t wait to go back and be a part of the sale next year!

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