Green Week!

We had our annual Green Week here at Hanover for about two weeks!

There were different events all about making Hanover a greener place, such as talks, movies, demonstrations and a green workday! This is brought to Hanover by the Rivers Institute and some of Hanover’s science related clubs.

One of these days was Hanover’s Green Workday. This day was focused on making Hanover’s campus cleaner and greener! We planted fruit trees, cleaned trails and fixed up the community garden.

This day was a lot of fun because we did things to help our campus and things that will be useful to students and teachers at Hanover. We cleaned up the trails, so there is no litter and people can hike on them to look at what Hanover’s nature has to offer!

We fixed up the community garden where teachers and students can buy a plot and plant different types of crops, I decided if I was here over the summer I would get one and have a watermelon plot! We also planted a bunch of fruit trees (such as apple trees!!) near the water tower.

This last part is what I was able to help with! I planted trees, which involved the use of top soil, water, shoves, a lot of hard but fun work, and. of course, baby trees! This was amazing to be a part of Hanover history because these trees will be here forever, continually growing for many years to come, and it was great to be a part of such a thing to better the campus!

Hanover has so many events that allow the students to be a part of Hanover History, which is amazing!

Well remember to stay green and perhaps plant something at your school or home or clean up little around the streets to make your home a greener and cleaner place.

And remember to take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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