Finals… Finals… Finals….

Oh finals week how scary you can be…

We all know that finals are terrifying, no matter what grade we are in. Well they are scary here too and what stops us from our breaks :P

But here are a few friendly tips on how to survive Finals Week here at Hanover!

1) Study early.

I know this sounds terrible but it really helps! The earlier you start studying the better prepared you will be for the final. So, start studying at least a week ahead of time because you know the final is coming. Normally your professors will let you know what type of test it will be.

2) Change subjects every hour.

This might seem counterproductive but think about it… how many of you can keep focused in a class or on studying one subject for more than an hour? Most people can’t. So change subjects every hour or so.

3) Start a study group!

Sounds fun right? When you study with people you see things from a different angle or if someone doesn’t understand something you get to help them which makes sure you both know the material.

4) Go to your professor!

Professors here are always willing to help! Go to their office hours or set up an appointment with them. They are here to help you learn. However if that isn’t something you are comfortable with because professors can seem scary (I promise they aren’t!!)

5) Go to the Learning Center!!

The Learning Center is a wonderful thing — full of your peers! They are upperclassmen who have been in that class with your teacher and they want to help YOU! Too good to be true right? Nope! This actually happens and they help! There is a tutor in every subject and for a language there is a specific tutor for each teacher and class that gives you their hours every week so you can get help whenever you want!

And if you need help with a research paper…

6) Go to the library!

There are specific librarians that are there purely to help with research. They help you find books. They will also help you get books if the one you need isn’t at the school but at a different one because you can borrow a book from different schools on an inter-library loan! Cool right?

So, here are just a few friendly tips on how to survive finals Hanover style! I wish you the best of luck on your finals!

And remember take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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