The Newport Aquarium was definitely just what I needed, a chance to hang out off campus with my best friends!

Nothing is more perfect than de-stressing right before Dead Week. That is definitely what this weekend was about. Omnibus had a trip scheduled for Saturday that I have been dying to go on all year, a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo!

Saturday morning I woke up, picked out the perfect animal watching gear, and ran to the window to check out the weather and what did I see? Clouds, darker clouds, oh and really dark ominous looking clouds EVERYWHERE! Wouldn’t you know it, all of my friends and I finally make an Omnibus trip list and the sky is ready to unleash tons of rain.

The trip wasn’t canceled though, we climbed aboard the Omnibuses and were off! The storms did start about halfway to Cincy though, causing us to make alternative plans – a plan that included the Newport Aquarium!

Not a bad idea, except a lot of us who made the list for the zoo had already  been with Omnibus to the aquarium recently. Some people chose to hang out in the mall that is adjacent to the aquarium. Complete with several stores, restaurants and a movie theater, this was just as good a time as the aquarium.

As I was not lucky enough to make the aquarium list a month or so ago, this was my first trip there and I really enjoyed seeing all the marine life. It would definitely be worth it to go back on a day when it isn’t so crowded.

Some of my favorite animals from the Cincy Zoo, the bears!

I happened to be really lucky when my family came to visit just after my return from the aquarium. Taking me out to dinner, watching movies in a hotel room, and just hanging out before things get crazy at school was great.

And then, my mom said we were going to go to the Cincy Zoo on Sunday! The zoo was so crowded so I definitely would like to return there as well as the aquarium, but who doesn’t love spending the warmest day of the year so far, with a bunch of exotic animals?!

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