Queen of Diamonds

This Friday was the formal for Alpha Delta Pi! It was a Casino theme and was at the River Bend Winery in Louisville.

ADPi Family Picture

This was an absolute blast! My sisters on my floor in Donner and I all got ready together Friday evening and then we all went to the house to board the buses to take us to Louisville with our other ADPi sisters. Before the formal, we all mingled and took pictures and talked while we awaited everyone to sign in.

The ride there was even fun as my date and I sung to random music and talked to others.

The dinner was delicious and dancing with all of my sisters made for a great night! The first dance of the night was the senior dance that they actually choreographed and performed for us; it was so funny to see them dancing together.

During the night we also gave gifts to our seniors (puzzle piece picture frames with pictures of ADPi and their class) and their little sisters prepared a speech to talk about their graduating big sisters.

Class of 2014

Altogether the night was amazing and I would consider my first Alpha Delta Pi Formal a success! I know I’ll have a lot of great memories from it that I’ll keep forever!

Anyway, as you enter the every end of senior year, remember to take a deep breath, because it only gets better from here!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time at formal! I know you were really excited. What was your favorite part of the night?

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