Lax, Bros, and Mardi Gras

It’s been a while inter-web, but I am back with a vengeance and a thirst to blog! *dramatic music*

Hmmmm… where to start. So Lambda Chi Alpha had their yearly Party Gras event, which is a Mardi Gras themed party. It was pretty intense,  and they had a live performer for the event. Overall, it was a pretty awesome night full of beads, music and dancing.

It has taken me about three hours to get this far into this blog post, because me and three of my brothers have been acting hysterically since I started trying to write this. We’ve been going back and forth on twitter (!/HCOrem) and Facebook just being funny. Maybe at this point I’m super slap happy, but I have not gotten any work or homework done all night!

I love being a member of Sigma Chi and having brothers, holy crap! Unfortunately, YouTube has also stopped me from doing anything.

I recently learned I have a job interview April 3 for a summer camp in Hanover. Hopefully that goes well.

Its March Madness, so the campus is all about their brackets. Since I’m an NCAA athlete I can’t even make a bracket, very sad. But it is still an interesting time. Being a Texas fan, tonight has been EXTRA disappointing because of our one point loss to Arizona.

Also this weekend, the first-ever HC Lacrosse team put on a battle of the bands. There were four different bands that participated in this including one band with a chemistry professor and the others made of up students.

The first outdoor track meet was just this past Saturday. It went really well, our team as a whole performed well, and personally I pulled in a 1st place in the 400hurdles and a 2nd place in the 100m dash. Our next meet is this coming Saturday and is our home invitational. Hopefully the HC will do some big things.


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