A Beautiful Day in the Hanover Neighborhood

What do you do on one of the most gorgeous days of the year when you live on 650 acres of one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation? You hike the trails to Crowe Falls or The Point, you grab a smoothie from the Crowe Coffee Shoppe and go for a walk around campus; you could also grab your homework, a blanket, your shades and go to The Quad.

On the prettiest of days you will see blankets, towels, pillows and people all over The Quad laughing and studying; girls painting their toenails, guys playing Frisbee. Everyone enjoys themselves, all the while catching some sun. Today was the first day this semester that The Quad filled up and I made it a point to do some homework outside!

A bag full of homework, snacks and sunblock is a must when making a trip to The Quad.
With The Quad being so large, it can be full of people but everyone can still have plenty of space to do their own thing.

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