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My wonderful piece of cheesecake that I picked up at the coffee shoppe!

It may be only Monday, but I have already made it a point this week to start trying new things at Hanover College, and really take advantage of the opportunities that I usually pass by. Hanover is really excellent when it comes to giving its students a chance to be exposed to things that they maybe would have never been exposed to before, or ever again.

Through Omnibus trips, students can go white-water rafting, rock climbing or check out a comedy club. The theatre department puts on several productions every year, giving you a chance to see something you may have never seen before. Guest speakers, special events, basketball games, softball games, tennis matches — there is literally something going on every single night of the week and yet, I hardly ever go.

It may because I am doing my homework, or maybe it’s because I am too skeptical. Honestly, I don’t think I would enjoy spending an hour listening to a Capstone speaker talk about how locally grown food affects me. Or so I thought, until I gave it a chance.

Each year at Hanover, there is a theme to the Capstone classes, lectures, and special events. This year the topic just so happens to be food related (who doesn’t love learning about food?) and I just happened to attend the first speaking event held on Sunday afternoon. This presentation was amazing. I found it terribly interesting to learn how food can be grown locally and have such an impact on the local economies and farmers.

The speaker was Mary Donnell and her speech “Local Food, Local Jobs, Local Wealth: Building a 5-acre Hydroponic Greenhouse in Urban Cleveland” was phenomenal. As someone who has worked in the local foods business for quite a while, she really knew her stuff. Not only that, but she is involved in plans to build a 5-acre greenhouse right in the center of Cleveland to help provide food for the city! Amazing! Since I enjoyed this Capstone event so much, I definitely plan on making it to at least one more this year and several in the future.

How I will spend my Friday evening this week! (photo from HC Theatre website)

Keeping up with my list of new things for this week, I just finished my first piece of turtle cheesecake. I picked it up at the Crowe Coffee Shoppe and it was deliciously rich and creamy. The coffee shoppe always has different freshly made treats available for purchase, and normally I turn them down. But this time, I had the money on my declining balance to back me up and I went for the cheesecake. Definitely worth it, perhaps next week I will try my first white chocolate raspberry scone (another homemade treat!).

The last thing on my list of first time events is one that will carry over to the next post, as I just picked up my ticket. As an English major it is in shame I admit this but, I have never seen a Shakespearean work acted out on a stage in front of me. This coming Friday that will change, as I have my ticket all ready to catch Hanover’s production of “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” a great work of The Bard, himself! More to come!

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