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This is the winner from the 2010 Hanover's Best Shot Photo Contest. Taken by alumni Ben Whitesell.

Lately I have become flickr obsessed. As an artist, I love to share my work and my respect for the work of others. I am really excited to see the results of our latest flickr photo contest that will wrap up May 1. Hanover’s Best Shot Photo Contest is set up to share images of our fantastic campus with the world, and the best shot will win the new iPad as the grand prize.

Recently, I read the autobiography of Daniel W. Fisher, Hanover’s president from 1879-1907. He took the job without having ever setting foot on campus, and his reaction to our campus grounds in his autobiography is a special one that I will share in light of the photo contest.

“As to the beauty of the picture which nature there unfolds, no college in the world can boast of superiority over Hanover. Nor does closer inspection or long familiarity rob it of any of its attractiveness; – the view is too extensive and too elegant in its outlines thus to be stripped of its charms.” Fisher, D., “A Human Life: An Autobiography with Excursuses.” (Fleming H. Revell Company, New York 1909).

Bonus points for you if you knew what excursuses meant!

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