Meeting alumni around the world

Sue DeWine and Chad Washburn '97

One of the most pleasant aspects of my job is the hundreds of alumni I get to meet as I travel around the country. They confirm our belief that a Hanover education will prepare you to take advantage of a lifetime of opportunities. Let me give you two examples:

Two weeks ago Ross Hubbard ’74 and his wife, Diana, hosted an alumni event near their home in Naples, Fla. Alumni came from nearby cities Fort Myers and Venice, and the immediate area, to gather for a Sunday brunch in a lovely setting.

My husband Mike and I had dinner the night before at the Hubbards’ home and learned that both Ross and Diana love car racing as well as Native American art.  They have in their home some of the most exquisite bronze Native American sculptures I have ever seen and a wonderful collection of pottery.  The study of Native American history makes them not only art collectors but knowledgeable and articulate advocates for this part of American history. His liberal arts education has prepared him well for his varied interests.

Ross is also an outstanding photographer and we saw many of the stunning images he’s taken. I’m excited that has graciously agreed to be one of the photographers for an upcoming issue of our alumni magazine, The Hanoverian.

The reception the Hubbards hosted attracted 1950’s grads and  also very recent grads. I had an opportunity to follow up with one of the young alums the next day, Chad Washburn ’97 and his wife, Bridget. Their son Sam (just 4 months old) caught the group’s attention when we introduced Sam as a potential member of the class of 2032!

Chad invited us to join him at the Naples Botanical Gardens the next day where Chad serves as director of education. Because of a Hanover May term trip to Belize, Chad became passionate about the environment in tropical areas. In fact, a Hanover faculty member invited Chad to return to Belize with him immediately after graduation where Chad ended up staying for three years. His enthusiasm for the landscape created at the botanical gardens is contagious. Mike and I spent more time there than intended because we got caught up in Chad’s story.

Hanover alumni are doing exciting and amazing things as they follow their passions. We bring them back to campus as often as possible so current students can see how their dreams might be realized.

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