Valentine’s Day Fun

Giant Valentine's Day Card

The best place to be on Valentine’s Day is definitely a sorority house. Here at Chi Omega, we take the holiday pretty seriously. Almost every  one of my sisters received flowers from their boyfriends and even our house mother, Mom Sue, bought us all boxes of chocolate and red carnations.

However, every year February 14th inevitably turns into a competition to see who can embarrass their boyfriend the most. We’ve seen everything from matching bright pink “I love you” shirts to flowers delivered to fraternity houses. This year, I believe one of the Juniors won. She found a gigantic Valentine’s Day card the size of a small child to give to her boyfriend. This, in it’s self, would have won her the title of  “Most Embarrassing Gift Giver.” Then she took it to the spectacularly humiliating level of delivering it through campus mail. This meant that the poor guy had to carry the outrageously enormous card all the way back to his fraternity house. I can’t say he didn’t enjoy the attention…

If you have a better idea or story of your own, please share it!! We are always looking for inspiration.

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