El Dia de los Enamorados

My roommate's, our room neighbor's, and my red carnations!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all have had a fantastic one. I know to some of you it is single’s awareness day while to others it’s a day to celebrate relationships, love, like, friendships, etc!

For all of you that love Valentine’s Day, some Hanover clubs do some fun things for it!

Up ‘Til Dawn, a club that raises money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, sold balloons for you to give to your crush, your friend, the person you’re dating or to anyone you want. They sold them during lunch time in the mail room and even would go deliver the balloon to the person’s room  Sunday.

Colleges Against Cancer sold Crushes (you know the orange soda). They also were sold during lunch time in the mail room and also delivered the glass bottle of orange soda to the recipient’s room  Sunday! This was to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The Bookstore had Valentine’s Day sells going on as well! There were a lot of discounted items throughout the store in honor of the day.

Even one of my professors was into Valentine’s Day today and decided that everyone deserves to get flowers on Valentine’s Day so he gave all of the ladies in the class a red carnation! It was incredibly nice of him to do that. We also learned how to say Valentine’s Day in Spanish: “El Dia de los Enamorados.” After my professor taught us how to say Valentine’s Day, she then had us discuss, in Spanish, if anyone did anything for it this weekend and what they did.

Altogether it was a pretty fun Valentine’s Day here at Hanover! I hope yours was good as well!

And remember take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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