Chill, just very chill

It has been a very uneventful week to be honest. Just another average week in the life of a Hanover College student. It’s just been chill.

I am in Beginning German II this semester. This class beats my cakes. I average about a C- in the class, which is not very good. Honestly, I have trouble with the English language enough that it makes trying to learn another language almost impossible.

I already have a student tutor that I meet with once a week to assist me. This actually helps a lot. My professor noticed I was struggling first semester; we had a meeting, and I was assigned a tutor. Getting a tutor was awesome, she is nice and definitely helps me through the rough patches of German.

These rough patches decided to get even rougher this semester, awesome. Luckily, I go to a small liberal arts college and now I meet with my professor every Monday morning to go over the previous week’s material. Today will be my first meeting with her, so I can’t say if it has helped or not, but I am pretty sure it will be another positive outcome.

This is one thing I am especially appreciative about here at the HC. The student-teacher interaction. I’m not just another number in the crowd, I am on a name to name basis with all of my professors.

For example, there’s my sociology class. I had a meeting with my professor and was able to easily change the term project I was doing after having a 20-minute conversation about it. Having the ability to work closely with professors is such a huge advantage. Just being able to walk into their office without an appointment if you are struggling matters to me as a student.

But back to my tame weekend. There just wasn’t much going on. On one hand, it was kinda boring, but really it was nice to have a weekend off. No parties or get-togethers, just chillness. One night some of my fraternity brothers,  some friends and I hung out and played madden and watched a few episodes of “Rugrats.”

It was awesome; “Rugrats” is probably one of my favorite childhood shows, and to watch it with a group of 18-22 year olds? Priceless.

Oh the joys of college!

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