Educating Educators

Tuesday evening I made my way, a little unwillingly, toward the Horner Center to attend an education presentation. I didn’t really know what to expect but I wasn’t overly enthused at the thought of giving up my precious homework time. After about two minutes in Horner 102, I regretted thinking that I didn’t want to be here. This presentation was unlike anything I have ever been a part of.

I was completely immersed in the presentation the entire time Dr. Al Long spoke. His story was absolutely heart-wrenching. The whole presentation I was so emotional and ready to hear more, that by the time I realized that Dr. Long was nearly finished, I was ready to have my teacher certification and be out changing lives. The life he has lived, the place he came from, is amazing.

If he ever visits Hanover College again while I am here, I will be front and center, ready to ask him about a billion questions. In a time where becoming a teacher maybe isn’t the best decision, he made me remember exactly why I am getting my teacher certification, to help children. I truly want to make a difference in the world, and what better way to do so than to influence the future through students.

Dr. Long’s lecture and advice could not have come at a better time. Last week I received a letter in my mailbox stating that I had been accepted into the Education Program and that was a huge relief. As a transfer student, I found it a little difficult to complete the application on time. There was the issue of finding professors who know me well enough to write recommendations, writing the essay without ever having taken an education course, the list goes on and on. With my acceptance, there is one less thing between me and my certificate but there are many, many more things I will have to prove before having a classroom of my own one day.

Also this week was my first time observing in a classroom and let me just say what an experience that was. It was really what I expected it to be, as children were throwing things and yelling, but I still find myself wanting to be a teacher more than anything. Once I get in the swing of things I hope to find the class calms down a bit, but if not, I will use my observations to my advantage.

Already I find myself  looking forward to next week’s visit and even to the end of the semester where I will get to write my own educational case study. While it may be difficult and stressful to obtain a teaching certificate, I am glad that I made the decision to apply to the program. I am even more thrilled that I have what it takes to gain a spot among the other candidates.

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