My Prodigious Weekend

The 800m run: definitely not my race. photo by Rachael Moreland '12

So this past weekend was crazy. I had stuff planned non-stop from beginning to end. Friday was fairly chill, but Saturday and Sunday contained enough awesomeness to cover.

Friday I got done with class at my usual 1:00 p.m. and, being the huge nerd I am, decided to play in a Magic the Gathering (card game) booster draft. There is a local card shop in upper Madison, Ind., where some friends and I will go and play in tournaments and junk like that. Of course, I dominated.

Saturday rolls around. We had a track meet at Anderson University. On the bus ride there it was interesting to see how the amount of snow on the ground gradually increased. I got to run the 800m this meet; I am usually a 400m guy, but got bumped up for conditioning. Twas quite the experience.

Saturday night was where the real epic part of the weekend comes out. There was this party called Moonwalk, and like I said in my last blog, it is the hottest party of the year. Moonwalk was crazy! Our house was packed with guests. Everyone seemed to have an awesome time.

We even brought in a legit DJ: DJ Pretty Boy Swag (it was me)!

DJ Pretty Boy Swag

Sigma Chi was extra decked out for this event. Which is our biggest party of the year.

Sigma Chi
Our Stairways = blackout
Dancing! Yeah!
Our 2nd floor hallway. Mattresses on the floor.

After such a ridiculous night, it is usually hard to come back the next day, but oh wait! It was Super Bowl Sunday, probably one of the most sacred holidays known to man. We closed our house and allowed each brother and pledge one guest to come and watch the game with us.

We had homemade chili, cornbread, cookies, brownies and other delicious junk. It was awesome and overall I’d say this weekend was uber intense.

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