Super Bowl, ADPi Style

Watching the Super Bowl!

I’m sure a lot of you watch the Super Bowl every year and if you do, then you are in luck, since a number of people make a big deal about the Super Bowl here. There are a bunch of groups that watch it with a ton of people and have snacks, just like how’d you watch it at home.

A lot of them watch in their rooms with friends or in the lobby of their residence hall, among other places. Donner and Ide (two of the freshmen dorms) watched the Super Bowl in Donner Lecture Hall; they had snacks and games and comfy chairs for sitting. However, this year I watched the Super Bowl with my sorority sisters.


I’m one of the people who usually doesn’t watch the Super Bowl or do so only for the intensely awesome commercials.

But even for people who don’t usually watch the Super Bowl, it’s still fun to just hang out with friends, eat snack-like foods and watch awesome commercials. A lot of the groups have games out, too.

It’s been a lot of fun to watch the Super Bowl with the girls in ADPi. We reserved the SAC (Student Activity Center), brought snacks and a bunch of games, and just sat in the SAC watching the Super Bowl, laughing at the commercials and commenting on the half-time show.

It was a lot of fun and I’ll more than likely make this a tradition for the next three years, to watch it with my sisters.

The Super Bowl needs snacks!
Playing Outburst!

We also played foosball and Outburst, many of us brought laptops to do homework and most dressed up in the colors of the team they wanted to win! All together it was a fun night watching the game with the girls.

So, even if you don’t understand football (like me!) it is still a lot of fun to watch it with your best friends!

Anyway, I hope you had a good Super Bowl experience if you watched it. And remember take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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