Never A Dull Moment

Long time no see, folks!

From finishing my I.S. to starting my job search, it has been a busy time. To catch you up, I thought I’d give you a visual guide of the past few months!

I finished my I.S. presentation on Nov. 30th and my mom brought me flowers!
A bunch of us had a blast going retro for Lambda Chi Alpha's 80s Party Dec. 4!
After going to bed the night of 80s Party, Hanover woke up to our first big snow of the year! This is in front of Chi Omega and sorority court, where I live.
My sorority, Chi Omega, hosted our annual fashion show and had a huge turnout! We raised more than $1000 for our philanthropy, Make-A-Wish. Everyone had a blast taking a break from studying in the Campus Center Lobby.
We all got to go home for a few weeks to spend some quality time with our families. My family and I mostly watched the Big Bang Theory (our favorite new t.v. show) and played card games. It was a much-needed break after a long semester of paper-writing, haha.
Our Greek community went through formal recruitment and we welcomed more than 60 new women into the sorority system here at Hanover! This is a picture of The Run, where new members run home to their new Greek houses!

As you can see, we’ve had a lot going on here at Hanover. To those who might think, “Hanover is in the middle of nowhere… you have to be bored all the time, right?” WRONG. There is never a dull moment at this place!

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