Twelve hours, 100 e-mails

Hello interweb!

So this past week was a long one. I had both a quiz and exam in anatomy and we finally got to meet the cadavers we will work with this coming Thursday. This week seems a bit better, only exams and quizzes are where the peanut butter should be in a normal sandwich.

My car also broke down last week. Something is wrong with the engine, which totally sucks because of the whole “poor college kid” thing. I asked my Coach where a legit mechanic is in Madison, Ind. It is really nice to be able to ask someone about things like that. Just an older, wiser person’s advise on situations in general. It’s one of the things I like about Hanover that students really bond with their professors.

I had a moment like this earlier in the year when I was lost about making a drastic change in my major (communications to kinesiology and integrative physiology). So I went to a sociology professor I had during my freshmen year for advice. She was able to help guide me through where to go for further help and she was there just to talk to at a stressful point in my life.

On a different note, Saturday is the Moonwalk Party, aka the hottest party on Hanover College’s campus!! Woot! Woot! I am in charge of the list for this social event and within the first 12 hours of the taking RSVP’s I’ve had more than 100 people e-mail me. It is very tedious work organizing and filing the RSVP’s. In some sick, twisted way though, I enjoy it.

Last Friday was a big prospective student day, which are always fun. I am happy I got the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the high school seniors looking to make The HC their place of higher learning.

Like all Mondays though, it is time to buckle down and grind out through the exams, quizzes and papers, in hopes of a brighter future.

Something I would like to mention  is what Betsy, the check-out lady in the UG, always says on Mondays. It is ‘Make a difference Monday! Have you made a difference yet?”

Ahhhhh, the wonderful things to get through Monday’s with.

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