Studying, studying and more studying

Due to the amount of studying I had to do last week because of the amount of tests I had, I decided that a studying guide might be nice for you all to have! One thing you will realize quickly when you start school is that you need to study; a lot, in fact. I’m sure some of you didn’t need to in high school and still received amazing grades but college is a different story. Unless you are one of the lucky chosen ones, who have a photographic memory, which is only a small percent of people in the world, here’s a nice little guide to help!

  1. Study early.
    1. This really will help in the long run. If you start studying two weeks ahead of time for that huge test, for just an hour or even 30 minutes a day, you won’t need to cram a few days beforehand!
    2. Doing this it allows you to study for a shorter amount of time and will cut down on your stress levels the week of the exam.
    3. Use your time wisely!
  2. Study productively.
    1. If how you study doesn’t help, try something else. A.K.A. if you aren’t learning anything then change your habits. For example,  if writing it down doesn’t help try picture aids or reading it out loud.
  3. Don’t memorize, learn it!
    1. I know it doesn’t seem like a huge difference but it is! If you just memorize it for the test you’ll forget a few days later.
    2. It’s important to learn the material because chances are you will need to know that information later on down the line; maybe not the next day or the next week, but more than likely during midterms come or finals. Instead of memorizing it again, learn it now!
  4. Test yourself daily.
    1. Surprisingly, this helps a lot. If you continually ask yourself questions about the material you are more likely to learn it completely and won’t need to look it up.
    2. This really helps with studying for exams because the questions you come up with will probably be similar to ones on the exam.
  5. Make your own study guide.
    1. I’m sure most of you are used to study guides from high school. Most professors here, however, don’t make them for you, so to help you study make one yourself! Make it have the key concepts in each subject.
    2. Look at the book or at your notes from class and think, “If I was the teacher, what would I ask?” Use this to create your study guide.
  6. Study with your classmates.
    1. Or as Prof. Bruyninckx always says, “study with  a business partner” because you two will look out for each other’s best interests and won’t get distracted.
    2. This can help you stay on topic. They can quiz you, you can quiz them. They can give you tips and vice versa. It is all together a very well rounded, useful tool in studying.
    3. This especially helps the week or few days before a test because you can quiz each other.
  7. Find a place where you can study.
    1. There are so many places you can study on campus. You can go to the library, outside (most places have wireless internet so don’t worry about that), in the Campus Center (CC), Underground (The UG), the mailroom, your room — just about anywhere.
    2. Find a place where you feel comfortable learning. If your dorm is loud, go elsewhere. If you can’t study in a library, find another place. There are multiple options that can fit any style of learning!
  8. If you don’t understand the material, get help!
    1. Professors are always willing to help any student that comes to them, however, they are not mind readers. If you need help, send them an e-mail or go to them during their office hours. They will help!
    2. If you are terrified to do that, there are many ways to get help otherwise! Hanover is amazing about making sure their students succeed, so we have the Learning Center, which has peer tutors that will help with anything you need. If you don’t understand a topic you can go to them and they will help or will find someone to help!
    3. If you need help with a language, there are even special language tutors who can help you understand the foreign language! Don’t be afraid to ask for help because that is their job!

Always know that there are ways to get the grades you want. Just follow this guide or use your own study habits and that should help you succeed in whatever you do! And remember take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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