“Welcome to Your New Home” Part 2

Wow, this week has been crazy busy with all the new sorority beginnings along with classes, first tests, learning a new routine for the Dance Team, studying and keeping up with every other thing I do, but with all of that it has been a lot of fun, slightly stressful, but still fun.

This weekend was the boy’s run night, which was full of excitement. Saturday at 8:00 p.m., every guy on campus who was part of Greek Rush went to Lynn Gym. Each one had to go to the front and receive their bid indicating which fraternity would be theirs. Afterward, all of the guys ran from the back of the gym to their new homes. It was crazy exciting; all of the sororities came to support the new pledge classes for the frats. The guys dressed up and painted up to support their house.

After the run, at 10:00 p.m., the frats go to each sorority house to introduce their new members. During that time the guys also serenade the sororities singing random songs. The sororities also do this to introduce their new members as well but it isn’t always on the same day as it is with the guys.

After all of the serenades, people go out to the frats and party with them celebrating the new members.

This weekend was just a lot of fun and full of excitement with recruitment over and both the frats and sororities having new members, wearing their letters with pride.

However, not everyone rushes or joins a house. Only about 45 percent of Hanover students actually do so. If Greek life isn’t for you that is totally ok, but if you want to be a part of Greek life you will most likely find a house that fits you and your personality.

There are four sororities: Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta and Phi Mu. There are also five fraternities: Beta Theta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Chi, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and Phi Delta Theta. So most likely with that many choices, if you want to “Go Greek” you can!

Anyways best of luck in all of your decision making! And remember take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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