“Welcome to your new home”

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic break and a good first week or two back at school! I hope you all are well rested and ready for a great end of your school year!!! If you’re a senior, don’t let Senioritis hit too hard — remember you are half way done now!!!

It’s been extremely busy here at Hanover due to the start of recruitment and figuring out classes and just the start of new classes in general.

So, at Hanover we have delayed recruitment for frats and sororities. This is nice so you get to know the men and women of Greek life. This also allows you to get used to college, adjust, and figure out if Greek Life is really for you or not. It makes everything much easier.

Throughout the first semester the Greek women and men host recruiting events to help you get to know them in a fun setting (such as the women had a t-shirt decorating event, a pumpkin carving event, and then Mocktails, which was like a progressive dinner). Also, the women are given Gamma Chis which are affiliated women who throughout freshmen year help you get prepared for recruitment and Greek life. They will answer any question you have about Greek life and are extremely helpful.

The first week we come back from Christmas Break is recruitment for the women of Hanover. This process starts on Wednesday for an informational meeting. The following night you go to the 4 houses (Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Phi Mu), then 3, then 2, and then you decide which house you want to go to.

The last day you “run to your new home.” It’s like one big party where everyone is so excited that you have found a home and how you are now sisters with all of these wonderful girls! That day you get to know the all of girls and have lunch together and other such things! It is really exciting and full of energy! All of the girls get dressed up in their sorority colors and have whistles, blow horns and other noise making devices.

There’s just a lot of energy and excitement throughout all of recruitment! Some nervousness, but as a whole, just excitement. Especially once you find where you belong, and if you decide to rush you will find a place you belong! Where all of the members will say “Welcome to your new home” and you, too, will believe it is your new home.

It can be a hard decision and some of the best advice I got was “go somewhere you can keep your toothbrush and cry.” Seems kinda silly right? But at the same time its great advice! Mostly just go where you feel most comfortable! And if you still don’t know where to go for college, think about that as well. Go where you are most comfortable, where you love the place, where you are proud to say you go.

Anyways, good luck in your decision, hopefully it isn’t too awfully stressful! And remember take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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