I love a good quest!

When I was in High School I was so jealous of my sister who was studying abroad in Australia as a Hanover Student.  It was her experience abroad that intrigued me to examine Hanover as an option for college.  Of course when I got here I jumped on the first study abroad experience available during the spring term of my sophomore year:  Drawing Abroad in Italy with Deb Whistler.

Florence, Italy was my town for three weeks, and the Duomo was three blocks from my hotel.

I can tell you with no doubt in my mind that those three and a half weeks in Florence and Rome changed my life.  I looked at things differently, approached my examination of other cultures and their traditions differently, and I found a confidence in myself and the work I was doing that I don’t think I could have found anywhere else.  I still see the results of that trip in my artwork.  I was floored and ready to do more after studying abroad.

We were in Rome for 4 days, and were given free reign to explore. I am still not sure if I was supposed to be sitting on this!

I did much more at Hanover, and even managed to take another spring term course abroad in my Senior year:  Baroque Art and Architecture in Paris with Dr. John Martin.  Who can ask for a better way to wrap up your career at Hanover?  I spent several days in the Louvre, I was on assignment every day exploring the city and all of the treasures it held, and Dr. Martin brought us pastries for class in our hotel almost every day.  I took my midterm in a cathedral that was around the corner from my hotel, and I found some of the most amazing experiences all on my own.  I am glad that I took this class as my very last class at Hanover because I don’t think I would have been satisfied learning about Art History from books and slides after that experience.

I couldn't help but sketch DaVinci's in my notes on Versailles... they were only a few hundred years apart.

Having an international experience is becoming the norm here at Hanover, and we would love it if every one of our students studied abroad during their time here.  So here is the big news about study abroad for prospective students: The Global Quest Scholars Program.  This program will allow students who participate to have a FREE off campus spring term experience during their time at Hanover.  The catch is that you have to qualify.  Qualifying  for this program calls for stellar grades and test scores, because we have a scholarship competition on top of a FREE off campus spring term experience.  If you are lucky enough to get invited to the GQSP… RSVP right away! Invitations go out later in December, so if you haven’t been accepted yet, get your supporting documents in soon!  See what our Dean has to say about this program HERE.  If you want to see what a spring term trip is like first hand, check out some of the spring term videos on our study abroad website.

I wish I was here too!

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