Finals, Late Night Breakfasts and Cram-Jams

My RA and one of her friends at the Late Night Breakfast

Well, I’ve made it through my first Dead Week. It wasn’t too bad I had a paper/speech, a Spanish essay and my Spanish oral final. Now all I have left is a three-hour (yes, three hours) biology final Tuesday and a three-hour (yep, all of our finals are three hours) chemistry final Thursday and I am home free!

I can’t believe I’m almost done with my first semester at Hanover, it has been a blast. So much has happened and I’ve made so many great friends! I’m really going to miss my dinner crew (the lovely ladies I have dinner with everyday, we’ve become best friends!) and all of my friends here at Hanover, but at least we’ll come back with great stories.

Dinner time for us is story time, we have amusing tales about what happened since the last time we saw each other, whether it be some funny story about some class or what happened after class like a giant snowball fight I lost.

Enjoying our Late Night Breakfast

To help us with finals, the Library is open longer, the Learning Center is open, we have a late night breakfast and the second annual Cram-Jam.

Dr. Darrin Rubino making chocolate chip pancakes!
Bill Robbins and Linda Novello serving us our late night breakfast

As for the breakfast, it is the Sunday before finals in the evening and severed by our professors! This year we had chocolate chip pancakes, hash browns, sausage, biscuits, gravy, eggs and cereal! It was really good.

There was also live music, a Hanover band, playing, lots of talking (enjoying a nice break from studying) and many people with laptops, books and notes, preparing for their finals in the morning!

I went with my hall, our RA and our RA’s friends. It was a lot of fun taking a break enjoying breakfast and just hanging out with my hall talking about who has what finals when, who likes what for breakfast and who likes syrup on all breakfast foods and who does not. It was random and enjoyable much like the Second Annual Cram-Jam I stopped by a few minutes later.

Balloon Fruit

The Cram-Jam is another break from studying with Christmas lights, balloons, sharpies and post-its. It was held in the mail room where people were just hanging out, blowing up balloons and coloring.

It was random and fun, they had music playing and my friends were making balloon fruit. Yes, balloon fruit. Oh what imaginations they have!

There were blueberries, a watermelon, a banana, an apple, an orange, a lemon and a few others. It was silly and fun; a nice break from the stress of Finals Week!

The Cram Jam

Anyway, enjoy your holiday break and good luck on your finals if you have them coming up! And remember it only gets better from here!

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