PA Adventures: Tie Dying

Audrey: Our awesome PA

Every freshman is paired with a PA (peer advisory) group. This is your Great Works’ class plus an upperclassman. Your peer advisor meets with your PA group throughout your freshman year, especially in the first semester while everyone transitions into college life.

Starting to dye our shirts!

During August Experience, these are the people you will see the most, the ones who you meet first, and the ones you will have a class with all year.

Working on our shirts!

This weekend my PA group tie dyed t-shirts! This was just for fun, to hang out and enjoy the awesomeness that is our PA group!

It was a lot of fun to get together and make T-shirts with everyone and see them outside of the classroom to just hang out.

It was even better because it was the weekend before Dead Week (the week before finals). So it was a nice break from all of the studying we have to do.

But what made it amusing is that only one of us actually knew how to tie dye so we’ll see how it looks here in a few days! We all used blue, yellow, pink and purple the most. Mine is green, pink, and purple, so hopefully it’ll look nice!

Green Dyed Hands!

So, take advantage of having a PA, someone who you can go to about classes and the college. And remember it only gets better from here!

My Shirt!

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