It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

My roommate hanging up the garland!
My decorated door!

Since we have been back from Thanksgiving break, the campus has come alive in Holiday Spirit! The Greek Houses are lit up, rooms have garland and lights surrounding their doors’ borders, the CC has a Christmas tree up and they decorated the rails of the stairs in garland; even the library has a book tree (literally a tree made of books covered in lights and ribbons!). The campus is ready for the holidays!

In the holiday spirit, Donner and Ide (two of the freshman dorms) are having a door border decorating contest. We have garland, stockings, trees, snowflakes, ornaments, lights, presents, Santa hats and candy canes surrounding our doors!

The decorated CC

I was rather impressed with what I consider to be Donner 2nd Middle (the middle rooms of Donner’s second floor) for all of the holiday spirit and all of the decorations we have put up! It definitely made the center of our floor festive and full of holiday cheer!

It seems that everyone decorated their room or house the Sunday we got back (it’s almost like our Friday after Thanksgiving). However, the CC started before we even left for Thanksgiving break, but it’s nice to see the holiday spirits showing throughout the campus!

ADPi's Christmas Tree

My roommate and I decorated our room the Sunday we got back from Thanksgiving Break! We had a lot of fun hanging up everything (especially because it kept falling down and not liking the tape, so we continued to get creative with keeping our decorations up); we even have two giant plastic candy canes hanging from our door! We’ve also paired up with our room neighbors with hanging lights because we have an outlet right beside our door, so we now have a very long strand of lights attached to their door and ours! So far everything is looking good and I’m excited to see who wins the contest against the rooms!

FIJI's Decorated House

But for now enjoy the holidays that have made everything a little brighter and enjoy your last few weeks of school before winter break! And remember it only gets better from here!

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