Social Media and Other Fun Assignments

Classes at Hanover can be hard but can also be a great deal of fun. Every so often the professors will try to make sure our assignments are as enjoyable as they can make them.

One time, our biology class went on a fossil hunt on the highway. This fossil hunt lab was a lot of fun because we learned about fossils and strata and were able to actually see the strata and search for fossils. Also, if we found a full trilobite of a certain size, we would get an A for our whole lab grade (because they are nearly impossible to find). Each freshman biology class (Bio 161) goes on this hunt. Each professor takes their class to a different area but each one does the fossil hunt every year.

My chemistry class also gave us an extremely fun project. The professor decided that it would be a lot of fun to use what our generation uses best: Social Media. I’m talking Facebook. She decided to create an extra credit assignment for us to make a Facebook page for our favorite chemist. Now how awesome is that? We get to use Facebook and get extra credit for doing so.

We each chose a chemist, gave them likes and dislikes and learned about their lives. We gave them statuses and favorite quotes. We gave them favorite movies and TV shows and music. We show what they like to do besides be chemists. Even if they have passed away, we talk for them as if we are them in our current world.

My chemist is Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for cancer research. One of my friends chose Nicolas Flamel, someone else chose Louis Pasteur, and so forth. Our professor’s Facebook name is Kim Istry. We really try to get into the character of our chemist, to really be them. We even have conversations between chemists through our pages.

Now don’t you think that would be a fun, easy assignment? I know I do. It was creative and amusing, while still having us learn because we have to be the chemist and know about their whole lives.

So enjoy your classes and the rest of your high school assignments. And remember it only gets better from here.

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