Ready? Break!

One of my cats, Wolfie, wanted to play "Scene It" with me and my sister, but quickly gave up in favor of resting in the box!

Ahhh the calm before the storm, a.k.a., Thanksgiving Break. Returning to campus Sunday was definitely a bittersweet experience. Looking on the positive side, there are roughly two and a half weeks before Christmas vacation. On the negative side, there are roughly two and a half weeks before Christmas vacation! That means surviving Dead Week (what we at HC call the week before finals because that is when every assignment known to man is due) and making time to study for those upcoming finals.

Before Thanksgiving Break, I was definitely focused on making it to Turkey Day Break and now that it all but flew by, I can focus on all my projects of doom. Whoops, I mean final assignments that are going to make up a generous portion of my grades. I am actually really excited about some of the projects I have due in the next few weeks.

For my Medieval Literature class, I have to write my own version of a Canterbury Tale and then analyze it the way I would Chaucer’s original Canterbury Tales.

In my Sociology class, I have to survey 50 Hanover students on the topic of my choice. I have yet to come up with a topic for my survey, so I am definitely open to suggestions at this point. I am thinking of creating a survey that determines how much time students spend using a social networking site, but I could change my mind between now and next week.

Getting ready to whip up a huge batch of yummy chocolate chip cookies!

Thanksgiving Break isn’t out of my mind yet. I just finished looking through my photos from break and I had a pretty successful time. While I spent the vast majority of my time at home catching up on my sleep, I also got in a ton of family bonding time! I dominated my sister in all three rounds of our Friends SceneIt challenge, made chocolate chip cookies (with the added secret ingredient, a box of vanilla instant pudding!), and spent a ton of time lying about with my two cats.

As much as I miss my sister and parents while I am at school, I miss my cats more. I mean, I can call my parents or sister and catch up anytime I want, but my cats? Well they aren’t big on phone conversation, so I have to wait until I make the four-hour trek home to play catch up on their lives.

The break was much needed, but now I am all ready to buckle down and power through these next weeks. Let the hectic, crazy, wonderfulness begin!

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