A Night of Stars

My friends and I on our way to A Night of Stars

Just as you all have formals and proms and homecomings and semi-formals, we have formals and semi-formals here at Hanover, too! In the beginning of the year we had the Fall Gala, which was a semi-formal in the Science Center and they served food and had a quartet playing all night. We have several dances throughout the year but this weekend we had a formal called A Night of Stars.

This formal was open to the whole campus and sponsored by Kaleidoscope, which is Hanover’s diversity club. They put on a lot of activities at Hanover such as Fiesta, during Hispanic Heritage Month, and many other activities and forums. Their mission is to encourage diversity on the campus and to discuss multicultural issues.

This event, however, was just for fun. It was Kaleidoscope’s second annual formal and was in the Ogle center lobby (which is a part of Hanover’s upperclassmen housing). They had it decorated with red streamers and gold stars and had tables set out and had a dance floor with a DJ playing all night.

This was a lot of fun to go to and get all dressed up with your best friends. I went with a large group of people and we danced together the whole night, just enjoying ourselves. It was nice to get dressed up and just dance like back in high school.

I know I’ve always loved going to dances, my best friends and I never missed one, especially the Halloween dance or Retro Night or our Junior and Senior Prom at my high school. So, it was nice when I found out we still have dances and formals here too! So, if dances are your thing, I’d suggest going to this one because it was a lot of fun and was a formal. Besides when else do you get to get all dressed up and do the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide with the campus?

The Cupid Shuffle!

Make sure to bring a dress or a suit because you’ll wear them a couple of times throughout the year. And as always take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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  1. So glad you had fun, Kelsey! Don’t forget sorority and fraternity formals, as well – We boogie off-campus twice a year! :)

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