Great Admission News and Diversity Initiatives

It has been such an incredible fall in the Admission Office. Once again we are seeing a record number of applicants. We already have more than 900 accepted students. It is unprecedented for this to happen before the December 1 application deadline!

Needless to say I have been incredibly busy reading because we read every single application that comes to us — I have a big stack on my desk now.  It is awesome to have such strong interest in Hanover, but even more exciting for me to know that the students I have met so far this year are absolutely amazing. I have had great conversations and have truly enjoyed meeting so many of these students already.

I can absolutely use this past weekend as an example of meeting great people. We held a minority and multicultural student event this weekend called Alma Gene Prince Multicultural Weekend, and we had a ball with these students. I really enjoyed getting to know all of my students at the event, and I am looking forward to the Admitted Student Overnight this weekend.

Prospective Hanover students and their Hanover student hosts having fun bowling during the Alma Gene Prince Multicultural Weekend.

We like hosting minority and multicultural events for prospective students because Hanover has made a serious commitment to promoting diversity over the past few years. This year we even started a scholarship program to promote social justice, multiculturalism and leadership on campus for building bridges within our diverse student body called the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship.

This scholarship is open to students of any race, any cultural background, any creed, any sexual orientation and from any socioeconomic background. Basically, if you speak out or act out for underrepresented groups you should apply to this scholarship program ASAP.  We are giving away 10, yes TEN full-tuition scholarships to the students who best fit these qualities. Learn more on our diversity webpage, and by all means apply for admission to Hanover and for the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship by December 1 to qualify! Let us know if you have questions.

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