Powder Puff Football!

Powder Puff Team

Powder Puff Football is Phi Mu’s philanthropy event that they have every year. It is an absolute blast, even if you don’t play football, or any sport for that matter.

Phi Mu is one of Hanover’s four sororities and their philanthropy is The Children’s Miracle Network. So, this event goes to support an organization that raises money to help support more than 170 children’s hospitals. The donations they receive go to finding cures for diseases, buying equipment for the hospitals, provide care for the children and for education programs.

Getting involved with this event not only is fun, it’s for a good cause too.

The way it works is once you have a team and pay the registration fee, you are put on the bracket. Each team plays at least two games. Even if you lose the first game, you still get to play again with another team that lost.

All of the teams make shirts for their players, get coaches to help them, have team practices and, most importantly, have fun!

I might be a dancer but I don’t play contact sports or any sport that involves a ball. But I did, however, become a part of a Powder Puff Football team, as their official cheerleader. It was a lot of fun to cheer on my team, even though we lost both games. They were really happy as well that they had an official cheerleader supporting their team no matter what throughout their games!

In the first game, we played BTPU (Back That Pass Up). We didn’t score a touchdown but it was OK because the team had fun. In the second game we made one touchdown and we played The Bad Girls’ Club. As a whole it was entertaining, and I got to cheer on the sidelines with the coaches and support my team!

Since it was so much fun, I’m thinking about really being on a team next year. Nonetheless I’d suggest everyone to go to it next year because it is fun to either play or just go support your friends while they play!

Powder Puff in Action

Anyway, remember to take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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