Blast from the Past

At times I find myself a little too caught up in my classes. I often find myself relating situations back to the classroom, and for the most part, this has never been a huge deal … until now. I am ready to admit that I have a problem. I am one-hundred percent obsessed with my medieval literature class.

You might think that it’s no big deal, I mean how often can medieval literature pop up in everyday life you might ask? Let me tell you, the blasted subject is everywhere. King Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere were on my television just last night, brought to life through Disney’s film interpretation of the Meg Cabot book, “Avalon High.” My friend Brittany (who is also in my medieval lit. class) and I were practically screaming at the TV about blasons, sermons, dream visions — all things medieval.

Ahhh, right where I want to be. Right between LOTR and Harry Potter with my medieval lit. books!

It doesn’t help our case any that the movie, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowscomes out this week. Harry Potter isn’t necessarily a medieval work per say, but it does contain many elements you might find when reading a work written during the medieval period. Witches, wizards, magical spells, dragons, castles similar to Hogwarts; at least one of these elements is typically found in a medieval epic work.

Brittany and I seem to come up with a new movie, book or random online post to set us back into discussion on a time that was so long ago. We even had a “Lord of the Rings” marathon one weekend to get our fix of all things medieval.

“Lord of the Rings” is truly a wonderful go to guide for someone coping with an obsession such as mine. The music, clothing and speeches are all of the perfect time period.

Let’s not forget the LOTR trilogy follows the recipe for a good epic to the T, just mix one part epic hero, an entire quest and two villains with supernatural abilities. Put all those elements together and there you have it, a great work of literature turned into a great movie trilogy.

I’m not going to lie, I am currently in the middle of watching the Harry Potter weekend on ABCFamily and since The Shoebox is showing all the Harry Potter films this week, you can bet I will make my way there both in preparation to watch the seventh movie Thursday at midnight and to continue to sharpen my eye for medieval elements.

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