Studying Independently… On Your Independent Study!

Every year, Hanover seniors spend the majority of either their Fall or Winter terms producing an original piece of research called an independent study. If you’ve ever heard of a senior thesis or a graduate school dissertation, this is a very similar project. Essentially, you’re combining all four years of education into one culminating project based on your own interests.

How I have been spending the past few weeks - Hunched over a computer and typing away in my I.S. study carrel!

If you’ve missed my blog entries for the past month, never fear. For I, like so many others before me, am toiling over my very own Independent Study.

I’ll leave my topic a surprise, but as a history major, I’ve chosen an area of history which interests me and connects with my own life. In order to produce said paper within the timelines I’ve been given, I needed to come up with a way to avoid distractions. At the Hanover College Duggan Library, distractions are few and far in between. Especially since I requested the use of my very own personal study carrel for writing my I.S. On any given day, I’ll set up my laptop in here, turn on my classical music Pandora station and actually get things done!

There are all kinds of places to study at Duggan Library!

Any student, however, can get that kind of solace at the library. From the most remote study nook to your very own study carrel (albeit, a tad smaller than my senior I.S. study carrel…) the library is the absolute best place to head to when you know you have to get work done! As such, I’ve been spending anywhere from two to eight hours here every day.

The view outside my study carrel - books, books, books!

The good news is, I’m falling more and more in love with my topic. Doing a project like an Independent Study can really help put the pieces of your Hanover experience together for you. Better still, when applying for jobs or graduate schools, I can actually say I have an original piece of research to show for a writing sample.

Before I even graduate, I will be a published historian. What an amazing accomplishment – and all as an undergraduate! The opportunity that Hanover seniors get to produce an original published work before we even graduate is really invaluable.

So, despite the fact that I have desperately missed blogging for you all, I am thankful for the opportunity that is, ultimately, keeping me distracted!

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